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Hand Sanitiser Value Pack (36 x 50ml)


Clean hands and clean food preparation areas are essential. Before you start cooking or preparing food, it’s important to wash your hands thoroughly with soap. And these handy Travel Sanitisers are the next best thing — especially when you’re on the move and nowhere near a public washroom. Each discreet 50ml bottle can be taken anywhere and is ideal for handbags and car consoles; always ready for when you need it most!

These handy Travel Sanitisers are also a great way to remind children to clean their hands before eating, as they can be clipped onto the side of school and kindy bags.

Not safe for consumption.

Composition: 65% ethanol 35% water

Please note: Due to restricted amounts of stock, we cannot guarantee choice of colour. Thank you for your understanding.

Additional note about freight: Australia Post might require this product to be delivered by road, resulting in slightly longer delivery times. We thank you for your patience.

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