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“The BBQ Buddy PRO” Dark-Coloured Mobile Spice Rack (full)

Weight: 2500g


“The BBQ Buddy PRO” Mobile Spice Rack (pre-loaded with 6 x large G-Fresh Slow BBQ Rubs grinders)

This very sturdy, hand-made mobile Spice Rack is for that person who loves to spend time around the grill. It holds 6 x large G-Fresh Slow BBQ Rubs Grinders, so no cut of meat, chicken, fish or veggies will ever catch you by surprise! The BBQ Buddy Pro comes pre-loaded with:

Slow BBQ Beef Brisket Rub (200g)
Slow BBQ Chicken Rub (200g)
Slow BBQ Beef Ribs Rub (195g)
Slow BBQ Lamb Rub (158g)
Slow BBQ Pork Ribs Rub (200g)
Large Himalayan Salt With Chilli, Garlic, Ginger (175g)

Please note: flat-packed for shipping. Simply use four (4) supplied screws to attach metal carry handle.

220mm (h) x 215mm (w) x 165mm (d)

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Where to Buy

G-Fresh herbs, spices, seasonings and condiments are available in your nearest Foodland, IGA, Supa IGA and other local, independently owned supermarkets.

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