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Coriander (Ground) refill bag

Weight: 30g


Coriander comes in leaf, ground and seed forms. Our Ground Coriander has a mild and delicately fragrant flavour, with a hint of citrus. It’s one of the more versatile and widely-used herbs, and you’ll often see Ground Coriander in recipes featuring chilli, carrots, chicken, beef, coconut, fish and shellfish. If you don’t want to lose its potency, it’s best to add Coriander to your dishes just before serving. Enjoy!

  • MSG free
  • No dairy content
  • No meat content
Nutritional Information

Pairs with

  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Fish
  • Shellfish
  • Vegetables
  • Additional Info

    • MSG free
    • No dairy content
    • No meat content

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Where to Buy

G-Fresh herbs, spices, seasonings and condiments are available in your nearest Drakes, Foodland, IGA, Supa IGA and other local, independently owned supermarkets.

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